Glow By Erin - Competition Dark Matte - Salon Size 1 LB

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 This darker finishing powder has been formulated specifically for fitness and competition bodybuilder clientele. This is a matte powder made with an ultra dark competition base color. It is made with our popular tropical scent. This powder is mainly used after the first initial spray. It protects the base coat tan from most major mess-ups. It takes away the worries of any issues happening while putting clothes back on or mess-ups that happen during sleep. Most of the powder does get absorbed into the skin after 24 hours, so the competitor is ready for their final spray the next day. The bonus benefit is how much more comfortable your client is during this processing time because their skin does not feel sticky and the fresh tropical scent is amazing! This 1 LB. Salon bag averages approximately 128-192 full body client applications. Find out more about why the number of clients vary on our FAQ Page.

*Due to the darker base pigment used in this product, this darker powder color will have some transfer to clothing, but it washes out easily.

*Please keep in mind that this is bulk bag packaged powder. Many companies sell finishing powder in small jars that are very deceiving. The jar may contain .5 - .7 oz. for $25 - $35, which means you would be paying $35 to $70 for less than 1 ounce!  Compare that to our 6 oz. mobile bag for $45, which is $7.50 per oz. Our Salon 1 lb. bag price is $6.87 per oz. and the Bulk 2 lb. bag price is $6.56 per oz.

Benefits Of Using Glow By Erin

  • No More Sticky Spray Tans
  • Higher Client Comfort
  • Skin Feels Dry & Silky Soft
  • Protects Tan As It Develops
  • Hydrates Skin To Extend Tan
  • Clothes & Sheets Stay Clean
  • Spray Any Time Of Day
  • Makes Additional Profits
  • All Natural and Hypoallergenic  
  • Talc, Paraben, Nut & Cruelty Free